Advantages of Hardie Siding

Vision Construction Enterprises Specializes in Hardie Siding in Tulsa, OK

Customized Protection
Hardie plank comes in many different colors and design options that bare an unrecognizable resemblance to the real look of wood grain siding. However, unlike wood, hardie siding is nearly immune to any kind of weather related damage.

Climate Protection
Hardie plank is sturdy and built to withstand most external elements, such as rain, hail, wind, and the other extreme weather conditions that Tulsa, OK experiences. This makes it ideal for the inclement weather in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. Hardie siding also has the distinct advantage defending against most insects, such as termites, that usually eat away at wood siding. This is especially helpful in southern climates like Tulsa, OK where moist air and pests thrive all year long.

Fire Protection
Hardie siding is made from strong cement boar material that makes hardie board fire-resistant, protecting your home from any exterior threat.

Cost Efficient
Hardie siding isn’t more or less expensive than other forms of siding and it requires almost no maintenance. Since cement board siding is so durable to pests and rot, repair is rarely needed

Hardie board siding is known to retain paint longer than wood. Because it is moisture-resistant, it never swells or rots so the paint never peels, chips or cracks.

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